A Unique Mixture of Talent to Complement You

SL-serco has strengthened utilities through change for the past 55 years. Whether it’s the planning, procurement, or deployment of change, we have empowered organizations to grow and experience their vision. We have learned 
great deal from utilities. This mission has driven us to innovate our process to offer organizations something new and  UNIQUE: change dictated by you. Organizations are motivated by a MIXTURE OF elements including their customers, leadership,TALENT, and most importantly their internal drive. SL-serco is a boutique consulting firm working hard TO  translate this internal drive into a map for the future, establishing clarity and direction across all stakeholders in ways they can best     COMPLEMENT   each other. We celebrate organizations who share motivation for achieving the most out of the future and encourage YOU to learn more about our approach.

Strengthening Utilities Nationwide and Beyond
The team gets together to plan at the Minneapolis location