Operationalizing Resilience 

July 24,2020 11:10 AM By Brittney

Operationalizing Resilience in the Water Sector Webinars

NACWA (National Association of Clean Water Agencies) and AMWA (Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies) have been hosting a series of webinars on resilience. These webinars have been of particular interest to SL-serco because we are involved in evaluating the risk and resilience of different water systems in response to the American Water Infrastructure Act. There were a few important takeaways from the information presented:

·  Climate change is affecting different areas of the planet in unique ways so research into what the future could look like based on historical data will become increasingly valuable.

·  The long history of mutual aid between cities is beneficial and it is important to continue to engage in those relationships in areas aside from strictly emergency situations

·  Communication is critical to smooth transitions as things are changing – especially in an emergency situation where information is crucial.

·  Technology will be at the forefront as new opportunities are discovered and data is being utilized in new ways

In conclusion, resilience is important to us all and investing in resilience collaboration will provide more opportunities for the future.