Choosing a Mobile Reading Laptop

September 09,2020 03:39 PM By SLserco - Comment(s)

I’m often asked to make a laptop recommendation for drive-by read collection. There are a thousand possible right answers, but it sure can hurt if you get burned by a bad choice. Time lost to equipment failure is costly and really frustrating. I’ve been there.

A mobile reading system  large amo...

The Value of Cooperation

August 25,2020 10:03 PM By SLserco - Comment(s)

One Wednesday,  an issue came across my desk from a Meter Reader who reported an apparent equipment failure. She was performing drive-by read collection when it just stopped reading. Reads were coming in quickly, and the dots that represented unread meters were disappearing from the screen… unt...

Operationalizing Resilience 

July 24,2020 11:10 AM By Brittney - Comment(s)

NACWA (National Association of Clean Water Agencies) and AMWA (Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies) have been hosting a series of webinars on resilience. These webinars have been of particular interest to SL-serco because we are involved in evaluating the risk and resilience of different wate...