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Are You Overlooking Hidden Usage?

October 20,2022 10:38 AM By Reed Sutter - Comment(s)
Are You Overlooking Hidden Usage?

A water utility approached SL-serco, having made several changes all at once.

· The utility replaced a drive-by advanced metering system from one manufacturer with a new fixed-base, automatic transmittal advanced metering system made by a different manufacturer.

· They replaced one Billing S...

Strong Group Culture and Data

March 08,2021 01:24 PM By SLserco - Comment(s)

It takes work to build up a culture throughout an organization. Maintaining a specific value system (such as integrity, dependability, etc.) throughout a group is important because it keeps people engaged even as challenges arise or changes occur. Often, it’s the small pieces which fit together and ...

Building Strong Group Culture through Communication and Expectations

March 08,2021 01:24 PM By SLserco - Comment(s)

Getting everyone in the company to work together in the process of integrating a specific value (such as responsibility, adaptability, honesty, etc.) keeps everything focused and cohesive. Hearing thoughts from all levels of the company on how to integrate overarching values will bring important ins...

Choosing a Mobile Reading Laptop

September 09,2020 03:39 PM By SLserco - Comment(s)

I’m often asked to make a laptop recommendation for drive-by read collection. There are a thousand possible right answers, but it sure can hurt if you get burned by a bad choice. Time lost to equipment failure is costly and really frustrating. I’ve been there.

A mobile reading system  large amo...

The Value of Cooperation

August 25,2020 10:03 PM By SLserco - Comment(s)

One Wednesday,  an issue came across my desk from a Meter Reader who reported an apparent equipment failure. She was performing drive-by read collection when it just stopped reading. Reads were coming in quickly, and the dots that represented unread meters were disappearing from the screen… unt...

Operationalizing Resilience 

July 24,2020 11:10 AM By Brittney - Comment(s)

NACWA (National Association of Clean Water Agencies) and AMWA (Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies) have been hosting a series of webinars on resilience. These webinars have been of particular interest to SL-serco because we are involved in evaluating the risk and resilience of different wate...